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English bhajan lyrics
February 6, 2017

02.16.13 • VRAJA RAJA SUTAM ASTAKAM 1 nava-nîrada-nindita-kânti-dharam rasa-sâgara-nâgara-bhûpa-varam s'ubha-vankima-câru-s'ikhanda-s'ikham bhaja-krishna-nidhim-vraja-râja-sutam

Complexion that conquers storm clouds gathering Lord of lovers and great sea of Continue reading

Brilliant As The Sun
January 16, 2017

A dramatization of Srimad Bhagavatam, India's greatest spiritual classic.

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Vidagdha Madhava verses by Rupa Goswami
January 3, 2017

Purva raga

Dear friend, the trembling of my heart can never find a cure. No herb or medicine or balm, my beating Continue reading

Pause for Thought BBC Radio 2, May 5. ‘British and Proud’
May 5, 2016

Curious to see if I was an authentic Brit I recently attempted the Life in the Uk test that the Continue reading

Pause for Thought, BBC Radio, 14 April. ‘Serendipity’
April 15, 2016

In the halcyon days of my youth I was a bit of a rock fan. As well as permanently damaging Continue reading

Seeing the funny side. BBC Pause for Thought 31 March
April 4, 2016

It isn’t always easy to see the funny side of things. Often I find it happens in retrospect. Recently I Continue reading

Pause for Thought. BBC Radio 2, March 24th
March 29, 2016

 Holy Week

One of my favourite quotes is from the business mentor Stephen Covey, who said that the main thing is Continue reading

The Hunter and the Dove
January 16, 2016

Deep in the forests of India there once lived a fierce hunter. Tawny skinned, with blood red eyes, he was Continue reading